Phenix Lighting (Xiamen) Co., Ltd.

Sep. 27 to 30, 2016 - Hamburg, Germany

Sep. 27 to 30, 2016 - Hamburg, Germany

Phenix Lighting attends WindEnergy 2016 held at Messe Hamburg in Germany, booth # Hall A4, booth 262

Phenix exhibits its emergency lighting power equipments and wind lights on the fair and gets the professional customers' wide praise.

WindEnergy Hamburg is the world's premier WindEnergy fair. The annual meeting of the European wind energy association is considered the most important meeting of European policy makers in the wind energy industry. The fair covers the entire wind industry chain, down to energy storage solutions. The world's onshore and offshore wind giants will gather at the international wind energy show in Hamburg, Germany. Germany is the ideal venue for the international wind energy exhibition. It has the world's leading science and technology and is the first country in the world to truly promote the energy revolution and implement renewable energy.

The First WindEnergy was introduced in 2014, the business event takes place every 2 years. If you are a part of the Environment, Energy, Electricity, Petroleum industry industry, WindEnergy is the place to form new business connections.

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